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How long will it take for my site to be listed?
We can't honestly say how long it will take. As with any legitimate submission service, we cannot guarantee that your site will be listed because in the end it is the search engine's choice who gets listed and who doesn't, but with all the tools provided by, all members have a much better chance to get listed.

How many search engines will I be able to submit my site to?
All members will be able to submit to many search engines and directories. Click here to view the current list of search engines. 

Can I submit as many sites as I want with
Yes. By becoming a member of, you will be able to submit as many urls as often as you would like!

How will I know if my submissions are successful? takes the guess work out of submitting your sites to search engines because a confirmation email summarizing your submission will be sent to you. 

Can I get in trouble for over-submitting to any of the search engines?
Some search engines frown on over-submitting. You should only submit each website one time per month. Of course, you're welcome to use the other tools we offer members as often as you want.

Are there restrictions on the number of times I may use other tools?
Currently, we allow our members to use all of our tools as much as they want for as many websites that they have.

Will my personal info kept private?
Yes, all personal info is used only by and will not be sold or given to anyone for any reason.

If I decide to become a member, how long before I can access the Members Area? 
Your membership will be active instantly after payment.

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